Fenn Elite SL



Advanced Ski

The Elite SL (Slimline) was designed using the same characteristics of the Elite but with a narrower construction thus is slightly less stable. Compared to the Elite there is slightly less volume in the nose of the ski and slightly more volume in the tail. The rudder is also 10cm further forward. The seat width is 1cm narrower.

Its agility and responsiveness has proven to be a winner amongst top end paddlers.

Specifications & Pricing

Length:   6.44m

Width:   43cm

Construction Weight Price
Fibreglass 17.5kg $2,800
Vac Glass – vacuum bagged fibreglass 14.5kg $3,350
Hybrid – vacuum bagged fibreglass/carbon 12.5kg $3,800
Carbon – vacuum bagged 11.5kg $4,500