Fenn Blue-Fin

Beginner / Entry Level Ski

Fenn’s most stable entry level surf ski. The Blue-Fin is designed to get the new paddler out on the water without having to spend a lot of time learning to balance. This ski is super stable, offering great surfing ability and enjoyment for the beginner paddler.



Fenn XT

Beginner to Intermediate Ski

The Fenn XT has been Fenn’s most popular surf ski for almost a decade. It is the perfect ski for the beginner to intermediate paddler or those paddlers making the transition from a sea kayak or plastic craft to ocean skis.

Less stable than the Fenn Blue-Fin yet similar in speed.



Fenn Swordfish

Intermediate Ski

Designed specifically for the intermediate paddler. The Swordfish offers amazing downwind surfing ability, and is the next step up from the Fenn XT or for those looking for greater speed and a new challenge. The Swordfish easily picks up the runners similar to the more advanced skis but offers the paddler more stability and therefore comfort and control in bigger conditions.



Fenn Spark

Advanced Low Volume Ski

An advanced ski for paddlers less than 80kg and 6’ft in height. The Spark has less volume than the other advanced Fenn models, therefore suiting the smaller paddlers and allows for easier control and maneuverability.



Fenn Elite

Advanced Ski

The Elite hit the paddling fraternity with a bang. As soon as it came on the market it dominated all the events. The original high performance racing ski with superior performance in all downwind conditions. The Fenn Elite has been a proven success in recent years as the best downwind surfing ski on the market.



Fenn Elite SL

Advanced Ski

The Elite SL (Slimline) was designed using the same characteristics of the Elite but with a narrower construction thus is slightly less stable. Compared to the Elite there is slightly less volume in the nose of the ski and slightly more volume in the tail. The rudder is also 10cm further forward. The seat width is 1cm narrower.

Its agility and responsiveness has proven to be a winner amongst top end paddlers.



Fenn Elite S

Advanced Ski 

Photos coming soon!

The Elite S is the latest from the Fenn stable. The ‘S’ has all the traits of the Elite but with some changes.

The seat is further forward making the ski sit flatter in the water. The rudder is further forward making the ski even more maneuverable than the older Elite.  The hump between the seat and footwell has been reduced and the footwell is lower. There is some volume taken out of the nose.

In essence the Elite S has all the re-known surfing characteristics of the Elite while bringing in the flat-water qualities that the Glide offer and lower volume Spark offer.

This is a ski for good paddlers but has a lot stability than some of its rivals in the same class.



Fenn Glide

Advanced Ski 

Fenn’s ‘Elite Glide’ has been designed based on the very successful Elite. With a reduction in rocker, this ski is fast on all conditions and retains its superior downwind surfing ability as the Elite.



Fenn Tarpon – Surf Life Saving Ski

Surf Life Saving approved

Australian Surf Life Saving approved, the Fenn Tarpon is ideal for those surf ski paddlers looking for that extra bit of stability. This ski is more stable than the Fenn LS, yet retains great speed.

Fully adjustable footplate to suit all paddlers. One size fits all!



Fenn LS – Surf Life Saving Ski

Surf Life Saving approved

The LS (Life Saving) ski is set to cause a revolution in the life saving world. Australian Surf Life Saving approved, this new spec ski is fully adjustable, a unique aspect making it a great ski to share amongst all surf club members. One size fits all!



Fenn XT Double

Beginner to Intermediate Double Ski

You want comfort and stability then this is the boat. By far the most stable double ski you will ever sit in without giving up too much speed. Fully adjustable front and back this is the choice for Adventure Racers and those looking to cover big miles with ease. The XT double has a single footwell in the front and a double footwell in the back as shown in the image.



Fenn Elite Double

Advanced Double Ski

The Elite model now available in a double and is the fastest on the market. This super quick boat is suprisingly stable. Adjustable both front and back. The front and back both have single footwells.