Additional information

Weight 8-12.5 kg
Dimensions 5.8 × 0.49 m

CarbonHybrid, CarbonLite, CarbonX

Squall is best described as a stable intermidiate ski. Quick and fun with superb response in waves and even though the boat has some more width you still have a tight paddle catch. This competitive wide use surfski has an extraordinary ratio between stability and speed. Easier to remount than most and with a wide comfortable seat that is designed to fit also more narrow hips.


Why two lengths? We want to be sure that we can provide you with the best surfski for the type of paddling you are doing. Generally, if you are a lighter person you can benefit of a shorther hull and vice versa if you are a bigger person you can benefit of the longer hull. But it also comes down to your own preferences, what charateristics you like? How you want your ski to behave in different conditions? Even such a thing as storage space is one factor when finding your new ski. If you are 95 kg 2 m, yes your natural option would be the longer hull and if you are 60 kg 160 cm you likely choose the shorther. But anything there between you can choose depending on what charateristics you like. Offcourse if you are the bigger person choosing the shorther hull it will sit slightly deeper in the water and opposite for the lighter person chosing the longer hull it will float slightly higher.


Data and dimensions:

Squall 580

  • Loa: 580 cm
  • Beam: 49 cm
  • Cockpit length: 165 – 200 cm
  • Recommended paddler weight: 65-105 kg

Squall 540

  • Loa: 540 cm
  • Beam: 49 cm
  • Cockpit length: 155 – 195 cm
  • Recommended paddler weight: 50 kg-90 kg

Standard outfitting:
Squall 580 and 540:

  • The new foot-controled deBrito bailer, most effective on the market
  • Carbon fiber footrest with NK foot strap, selfadjusting lines, quick to adjust length
  • Anchor point for leash at foot strap
  • Handles in front and back
  • Carbon carry handles in cockpite sides
  • Packing net on aft deck
  • Bike bottle holder with NK sport bottle in cockpit
  • Rudder control wheel for optimal steering control
  • Race rudder

Material and construction

Note: all NK skis are made with autoclave and prepreg technique, a process often used for space industry and F1 cars, the high pressure (up to 4 x atmosphere pressure) and heat from the autoclave together with the pre impregnated fibres guarantees a very hard bond between the layers of composite creating a extra ordinary light yet strong construction not comparable with other techniques normally used for kayaks such as vacuum infusion or other hand lay up processes.

CarbonX Stealth Black

100% UD prepreg carbon construction. Light brushed matte black paint finish with clear carbon twill cockpit.

CarbonX Whale Grey

Same construction as the Stealth black but now in a light matte grey paint (also the cockpit) for those preferring lighter colours in sunny countries.

CarbonLite Ice White

100% UD prepreg carbon construction with a high quality foam core. Shinny white polyurthane paint finish.

Rudder options

Surf, Weed, Race and Marathon. Or an optional Smart track ski kick up rudder.